Technical lapping offers precision lapping of parts at competitive prices. We have over 40 years of experience in this specialised field. A comprehensive inspection department backs our work. A certificate of conformance accompanies all completed orders. Our premises contain fully equipped production, test, cleaning and polishing areas where the emphasis is on turning out a quality job. Well-trained operators are supported with regularly calibrated test equipment together with detailed inspection and quality procedures.

Let us demonstrate to you how this service will save you money

Send us sample parts with complete specifications and we will lap them and return them with full production data and a cost quotation without obligation. Inspection capabilities are important in today's manufacturing environment.

Flat Lapping (Free Abrasive Machining)

This process produces accurate flatness and controlled finishes on various materials. We can remove stock from 0.002" up to 0.030" on hard materials and up to 0.050" on soft materials. There is little or no heat distortion during lapping reducing the possibility of decarburisation of heat-treated material. Every member of our team of our company is part of our quality team.

We offer a competitive lapping service on cylinder heads which ensures minimum stock removal and is superior to milling especially on cylinder heads with steel inserts which therefore eliminates tool "bounce" We can cater for up to 6 cylinders in line heads (car and commercial).

Every application and problem is different so we need to discuss details with you to give the best advice and service. Do call!
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